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When: Tuesday, January 26th, 7:00 PM

Where: Clay Academy, 112 Grove Street, Woodstock, IL



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Parents and residents question whether clinics belong in schools.

The Situation

It has been announced that there will be a health clinic put in place at Woodstock North High School with plans to potentially extend this to other schools in the district.

The issues as we see them, in summary.

The parents and residents of D200 are questioning whether schools are the right place for such health clinics.


Among the issues are:

  1. General parental authority and oversight of their children's treatment
  2. Community borne malpractice risk
  3. "Reproductive health treatment" ethical issues
  4. Lack of community involvement in the decision to bring clinics to the schools
  5. Competency. Managing the relationship with a clinical provider is not a core competency of the school
  6. Cost
  7. Space utilization


Abandon the school-based health clinic.

Supporting resources


Promise from former Superintendent that such services will never come to our district


"...I am not sure where the misinformation is coming from but I want to assure you that any service provider who would operate a health clinic at any of our schools would sign an agreement with the District that contains among many items two important provisions.


“The first is that NO student would be seen without parent/guardian permission and/or without the parent/guardian being present with the student.

“The second is that No contraceptive materials would be distributed or prescribed for ANY student.

“There is absolutely no legal obligation to do so and District 200 has no intention of getting involved in this area.”Again I am not sure who it is that is assuming that the preventive services being considered by District 200 would include contraceptives.


“Please share this information with anyone who is making this interpretation so that they can have the correct information.


“I give you my personal assurance, the assurance of the Board of Education and the assurance of Lisa Tate, D200 Health Services Coordinator, that this will be the case if a Health Clinic is ever established within our District.


“The Administration and Board discussed this issue in detail and we are all in strong support to avoid any involvement with contraceptive distribution or education.


“If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.”




Ellyn Wrzeski, Superintendent"


(Posted to Mchenry County Blog on March 2, 2013)




AMA Opinion for providing confidential care for minors:

"When an immature minor requests contraceptive services, pregnancy-related care (including pregnancy testing, pre-natal and postnatal care, and delivery services), or treatment for sexually transmitted disease, measures to prevent sex-ually transmitted disease, drug and alcohol abuse, or mental illness, physicians must recognize that requiring parental involvement may be counterproductive to the health of the patient. Physicians should encourage parental involvement in these situations. However, if the minor continues to object, his or her wishes ordinarily should be respected."


January 26 D200 Agenda packet (List of Bills-2.4, has been removed to keep file size down)


Take Action

Attend the Next Meeting


When: Wednesday, January 26thth, 7:00 PM

Where: Clay Academy, 112 Grove Street


Be prepared to speak, even if all you say is that you oppose or support the clinic.



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Board of Education

Woodstock Community Unit School District 200

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